Limpopo, South Africa

Rethusegile creche is an exemplary creche (as told to us by the Thusanang Trust) and since the project completed in 2016, it has been painted, and a sprawling playground has been added.  The building has been modified – mostly to address security and safety concerns. 

Rethuseng Creche, 4 classrooms and 48 children
There are small issues with the creche leaking in heavy rain, but the head teacher uses the space as the primary teaching space, and the old buildings have become support spaces. 

Of note – the Head teacher asks us not to visit as often, another
University person had been the year before, as it is disruptive to her creche.

Image (below) drawn by Fangtong Hu, Xinyi Wu, Archie Moradia & Badih Rameh.

Staff: John Ramsay, Steve Wickham, Lois Plaistow, Alison Davies, John Ramsay, Malcolm Dugdale, Richard Woods, Chris Cook

Partners: Thusanang Tust, Education Africa, DC construction, Price and Myers
Students: Muhammad Rusydi Azmi, Maria Fernanta Karali, Stewart Sommerville, Ryan Boultbee, Zhaoxuan Ma, Ruchita Gurung, Aanisah Chowdhury, Shreeya Radia, Katie Hackett, Sophia Esoimeme, Arshana Rajaratnam, Molly Walsh, Ellen Faulkner, Anna Sawey, Patrick Sharpe, Morenikeji Animashaun, Bethany Griffin, Priya Nahal, Katerina Christodoulou, Joseph Hall, Ana-Belen Nunez, Claire Devanney, Melina Krunic, Jake Robinson, Thomas Dobbins, Nicholas Law, Emiliy Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, Ryan Geoghehan, Aslan Lewis, Jessica Tyson