Limpopo, South Africa

Rethuseng is an unfinished creche and is one that illustrates the need for careful consideration of what the design/build studio can deliver.  The large dome remains uncovered two years post completion.  The three classrooms need maintenance and, in some places, have leaking roofs.  One of the most important lessons to take from this is – we must be prepared that nothing will happen to the building after the studio project ends.  Completion of the project is everything.

Rethuseng  Creche, 2 classrooms and 57 children

Image (below) drawn by Fangtong Hu, Xinyi Wu, Archie Moradia & Badih Rameh.

Staff: John Ramsay, Gospel Tony, Wickham Steve, Plaistow Lois, Sam Diston, Pete Russell, Charlie Wilson, Dugdale Malcom, Robin Wilson, Katharina Borsi

Partners: Thusanang Tust, Education Africa, DC construction, Price and Myers
Students: Sheel Kothari, Pooja Chikhlia, Olivia Psara, Tamsin Gamble, Rebecca Palmer, Chelsea Keely, Jemima Fasakin, Grace Yu, Yuriko Baneke, Aiden Mwombeki, Emily Atkinson, Qiwen Cao, Joe Copley, Laura Beavan, Emma Lewis, Jaymee Malkan, Asha Nicholoson, Johanna Lynn, Vickie Tang, Emily Page, Hodgson Charlotte, Emmanuel Rufai, Rachel Levy, Tachael Miliner, Stephanie Mervild, Hannah Hart, Lilla Porkolab, Louise Jones, Elizabeth Ryall, Ellanor Ward, Emily Blanchard, Vaishnavi Gore, Safwa Chowdhury, Mahla Farrokhi, Elizabeth Borland, Ellise Colley, Andrew King, Lucy Wren, Zena Gammoh, Emily Sutcliffe Braithwate