Malahlela — (unbuilt)
Limpopo, South Africa

Planning for the Malahlela creche began in 2019 – the build was paused in March 2020 due to Covid19 travel restricitons just 10 days prior to the scheduled start.  Following the lifting of travel restrictions the design was revisited and a new scheme was developed. Construction took place during spring 2022.

Design and images by: Somera Bano, Bethan Crouch, Tilisha Franklin & Rumbi Mukundu

Malahlela Creche, 3 classrooms for 30 children
The unbuilt design proposal welcomes users through a circular entrance play space, which is bordered by an interactive wall with various infill elements that curves out towards the street. 

The creche includes kitchen facilities, administrative areas, two classrooms as well as an outdoor teaching area. The design is intentionally compact and uses inexpensive, locally available materials.