Limpopo, South Africa

Lesedi Creche is the largest creche ever undertaken by the design/build studio at five hundred square meters. The creche has enough space to allow the already large creche to grow to accommodate future children.  Already, this creche has hosted the Thusanang Trust’s first community-based teacher training centre.

Lesedi Creche, 5 classrooms and 96 children
This creche was the result of a vertically integrated multi-course year for the studio, students came from four different courses, and more than six different year groups to deliver a complete project.

Image (below) drawn by Fangtong Hu, Xinyi Wu, Archie Moradia & Badih Rameh.

Staff: Pete Russell (lead), Mike Hawkins, James Brown, Dan Cooper, Sam Diston, Malcolm Dugdale, James Hazzledine, Lois Plaistow, Eva Roemer Barnes, David Short, Steve Wickham

Thusanang Tust, Education Africa, DC construction, Price and Myers

Students: Claudia Adams, Jessica Adebisi, Ariel Benson, Megan Boon, Tom Bristow, Charlotte Broszek, Emily Butterworth, Alexia Christoforou, Bethany Dunnett, Jack Feather, Bethany Griffin, Kaan Gun, Edward Haines, Nida Hannan, Fiona Hazlitt, Jaqueline Hill, Nick Jackson, Oliver Kvam, Bronwen Lewis, Pearl Ying Lin, George Logan, Maria Michail, Francesca Palomba, Payal Patel, Pranay Patel, Tom Perring, Julija Pivovarenok, Adam Plastow, Julia Radka, Joanne Rees, Ayris Saner, Christina Scullion, Chrysanthi Sini, Susanna Small, Joseph Spencer, Constance Stevens, Charitini Syllouri, Phoebe Turner, Laura Vickers, Amber Walker, Tom Washington, Ryan Williams, Amelia Williams, Joseph Willoughby, Isobel Wretham