Kohmotso — Phase 1
Limpopo, South Africa
2011 - 2012

The phase one classrooms at Khomotso are some of the most functional teaching spaces the studio has delivered. When we visited in 2019 almost all of the children were having a lesson in the shade in front of these rooms. There is a simplicity to the rooms that creates a utility that is appreciated by the teachers.

Kohmotso Creche, 4 classrooms and 124 children
There is an issue with the ceilings, in that the natural ventilation that has been designed in is not considered adequate by the social development officer.

Image (below) drawn by Fangtong Hu, Xinyi Wu, Archie Moradia & Badih Rameh.

Staff: John Ramsay, John Edmonds, Helen Jones, Angela Aston, Lucy Boultby, Mark Worrall, Mark Merrills

Partners: Thusanang Tust, Education Africa, DC construction
Students: Christina Agoston-Vas, Francesca Attard, Stuart Bacon, Clara Bagenal, Hannah Bass, Samuel Bentley, Kristian Bjerre, Alix Blankson, Abigail Blumsohn, Jack Boyns, Tom Bradley, Susanne Bruijnzeels, Nathan Craig, Ting Ding, Samuel Diston, Thomas Glover, Dainel Gough, Rebecca Gough, Philippa Grayson, Sam Harding, William Holley, Joshua Jones, Fatima Ladak, Anna Luff, Trudy McGregor, Mohammad Mirza, Philip Noone, Alana O'Kirwan, Kate Ottway, Charlotte Page, Matthew Palmer, Daniel Parsons, Oliver Pedley, Jyothi Pillay, Haniyyah Rashid, Alfred Roden, Laura Sherdian, Joanna Tatlow, Joseph Thompson, Zoe Watson, Avril Wheeler, Eleanor Aterton, Matthew Vaughn, Catherine Legg, William Main, Daniel Villette, Dale Muscroft, Samuel Smith